Dogs love to play with toys, and as a responsible dog owner, it’s important to make sure that the toys they play with are safe for them. It’s common knowledge that certain things like electrical cords and sharp objects are no-nos when it comes to dog toys, but did you know that some household items can be just as dangerous? Here are 5 common household items that can be dangerous as chew toys for your dog:

1. Shoes 👠

Dogs love to chew on shoes, but this is not just a behavior problem - it can also be dangerous for them. Leather shoes are particularly concerning as they contain chemicals that can be toxic to dogs if ingested. Also, the stitching and glue used in shoes can cause major obstructions in the digestive system and require expensive and risky surgery to remove.

A sad puppy looking up at a chewed up shoe

2. Socks 🧦

We all have at least one sock that’s been mistakenly swallowed by the washing machine. But if your dog gets ahold of one, it can end up in their stomach and cause blockages. Additionally, socks can often become tangled in their intestines, causing major digestion problems.

A stack of colorful socks next to a fluffy dog paw

3. Plastic Bottles 🛍️

Plastic bottles may seem harmless compared to shoes and socks, but they’re actually very dangerous. When dogs chew on them, they can create sharp edges that can cause harm to their teeth and gums. Additionally, sharp bits of plastic can get into their system and cause internal damage.

A crumpled plastic bottle next to a happy panting dog

4. Human Medications 💊

You might not think that human medication could pose a threat as chew toys for your dog, but they absolutely can. Some medications, like antidepressants or blood pressure medications, can be deadly to dogs if ingested in large enough quantities. Make sure you store your medications in a safe place, out of your dog’s reach.

A container of human pills on a table with a worried dog next to it

5. Jewelry 💍

Jewelry may not seem like something that a dog would want to chew on, but many dogs enjoy chewing on shiny objects, especially if it belongs to their owner. Jewelry can pose many dangers, such as ingestion causing choking, obstruction and damage to the digestive system. Swallowing of metal components like necklaces, bracelets can cause significant damage to the digestive tract.

A chewed up necklace next to a guilty-looking dog

Conclusion 📝

It’s important to carefully monitor what your dog is chewing on and to make sure that their toys are safe for them. Keeping the above mentioned household items away from your dog can save their life. Remember, prevention is always better than cure.

🐾 Keep Your Dogs Safe and Your Household Items Safe from Them! 🐾

A happy dog with a tennis ball next to a toy chest that has been left alone