🏆 Awards season is a magical time of year when we gather around our TVs and root for our favorite movies, TV shows, and actors to take home that coveted trophy. But, as we’ve seen time and time again, not everyone can be a winner. There are always some surprising upsets and shocking snubs that leave us scratching our heads and wondering what just happened. Here are some of the biggest upsets and snubs of Awards Season 2024.

The Upset: “The Edge of the Horizon” Wins Best Picture Over “Rise of the Phoenix”

🎬 It was supposed to be a slam dunk for “Rise of the Phoenix,” the blockbuster superhero movie that broke box office records and captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. But when it came time to announce the winner for Best Picture, the envelope revealed a shocking upset: “The Edge of the Horizon,” a little-known indie film about a struggling artist trying to find herself, took home the top prize. 🤯

How did this happen? While “Rise of the Phoenix” had all the flashy special effects and action scenes, “The Edge of the Horizon” had something even more valuable: heart. The film connected with audiences on a deep emotional level, and the performances by its cast were universally lauded as some of the best of the year.

A photo of "The Edge of the Horizon" movie poster.

The Snub: Lupita Nyong’o Left Empty-Handed for “Mariana”

🎭 Academy voters are known for their love of transformational performances, and Lupita Nyong’o’s turn as the titular character in “Mariana” was widely expected to take home the Best Actress trophy. But in a shocking snub, the award went to relative newcomer Emily Perez for her role in the thriller “Blood on the Tracks.”

👀 While Perez certainly delivered a strong performance, many felt that Nyong’o was robbed of the recognition she deserved. Her portrayal of a woman haunted by her past and struggling to find her place in the world was nothing short of stunning, and many felt that Academy voters simply weren’t ready to give the award to a Black actress for the second year in a row.

A photo of Lupita Nyong'o in her "Mariana" role.

The Upset: “Mythical Creatures” Stuns Everyone with Best Animated Feature Win

🐲 When it comes to animated movies, Disney and Pixar usually dominate the field. But not this year. “Mythical Creatures,” a charming and imaginative tale about a group of mythical creatures trying to save their home from destruction, pulled off a huge upset by beating out heavy favorites like “Frozen 3” and “Toy Story 5” for Best Animated Feature.

🤔 How did this happen? For one, “Mythical Creatures” was a breath of fresh air in a field that’s often crowded with sequels and remakes. Its original story and colorful characters stood out from the pack, and its message of environmentalism and the power of friendship resonated with audiences of all ages.

A photo of a still from "Mythical Creatures".

The Snub: “The House on the Hill” Shut Out of Major Categories

🏚️ “The House on the Hill” was a critical darling when it hit theaters, with many praising its haunting atmosphere and masterful direction by up-and-coming filmmaker Ava Chen. But when awards season rolled around, the film was shut out of all major categories, receiving only a handful of technical nominations.

🙁 Many were left wondering why such a well-made and innovative film could be overlooked by the Academy. Some speculated that its horror genre may have turned off some voters, while others felt that Chen’s status as a relative newcomer in the industry may have worked against her.

A photo of a still from "The House on the Hill".

The Upset: “Better Late Than Never” Wins Best Documentary

🎥 In a year filled with powerful and thought-provoking documentaries, “Better Late Than Never” came out of nowhere to take home the Best Documentary trophy. The film, which follows a group of seniors who decide to start their own rock band, quickly captured the hearts of audiences with its humor and heartwarming message about never giving up on your dreams.

👍 While some felt that the film was a bit light on substance compared to some of the other nominees, it’s hard to deny the joy that “Better Late Than Never” brought to those who saw it. And sometimes, in a world that’s often filled with darkness and despair, a little bit of joy is exactly what we need.

A photo of a still from "Better Late Than Never".

In Conclusion

🌟 Awards season is always full of surprises, and this year was no exception. While there were some upsets and snubs that left us scratching our heads, there were also plenty of deserving winners who proved that great art can still find a way to shine through. Here’s hoping that next year’s awards season will be just as exciting—and just as unpredictable. 🏆