Hey there, lovely ladies! 👋 If you have an inverted triangle body shape, you are certainly blessed with broad shoulders and a narrow waist. While these features give you a strong look, finding the right clothes can be challenging. Fret not, as I will be sharing with you the top five clothing styles that will flatter an upside-down triangle body type.

1. Soften Your Shoulders

As broad shoulders are a dominating feature of an inverted triangle body shape, the first trick is to soften your shoulders with V-neck tops or dresses. The cut will draw attention to your décolletage, giving you a more feminine look, while creating an illusion of a narrower upper body. Opt for flutter sleeves or cap sleeves, rather than sleeves that end at the shoulder as they can accentuate your shoulders even more. You can also try off-shoulder tops, boat neck, or scoop necklines as they divert attention from your shoulders.

A young woman wearing a V-neck top showcasing her décolletage

2. Go for Fitted Clothes

Usually, for inverted triangle body shapes, clothes that fit loosely are considered a safe option. Don’t get me wrong, loose fitted clothes are comfortable, but for your body shape, they can make you look bulkier. Instead, choose fitted clothes that hug the curves of your waist and give you an hourglass shape illusion. A belted dress, wrap top, and high-waisted pants can elongate your legs and balance out your upper body. However, make sure you avoid tops that cling to your shoulders or chest as they will only emphasize your broad shoulders.

A woman wearing a belted dress accentuating her waistline

3. Wear Dark Colors on Top

As the inverted triangle body shape is top-heavy, wearing dark colors on your upper body can help to give you a streamlined appearance. Choose dark-colored tops, and pair them with light-colored pants or skirts. The contrast will balance out your figure and direct attention towards your lower body. You can also have fun wearing printed bottoms, while keeping it simple with plain tops. The emphasis on the lower half can make you look more proportionate.

A woman wearing a dark top and white pants highlighting her bottom half

4. Flare Your Bottoms

Flare bottoms can balance out your upper body by adding width to your lower body. Try wearing pants or skirts that flare out gradually to create a curvy silhouette. Wearing flared culottes or palazzo pants can give you a vintage look, and they are perfect for those who are less confident with their legs. When opting for fitted bottoms, make sure it pairs well with loose tops to avoid looking top-heavy.

A woman wearing flared pants showing off a curvy silhouette

5. Accessorize with Belts

Belts can do wonders for an inverted triangle body shape as they cinch the waist and create an hourglass shape. You can wear a thick or thin belt, depending on the outfit and desired look. A statement belt can spice up your outfit, while a simple belt can give your outfit a polished look. Avoid wearing belts that draw attention to your front, opt for one that sits on the waistline of your outfit.

A woman accessorizing her outfit with a belt on her waistline

And that’s it! 👗 By incorporating these five tips into your wardrobe, you can flaunt your curves and look amazing in any outfit. Remember, it’s all about playing up your strengths and finding the right outfits that compliment your body type. Dress to impress, and have fun experimenting with different styles! 💃

A woman smirking while looking in the mirror, wearing an outfit that flatters her inverted triangle body shape