Hello there, music lovers! Are you excited about the upcoming tour of your favorite band? Attending concert tours is a thrilling experience that can create unforgettable memories. But, we all know that being a fan is more than just following your favorite artist team and singing along to their tunes. It also means sticking to some unwritten rules of being a polite and considerate audience member. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Here are the dos and don’ts of fan etiquette at tour stops to help you have the best concert experience ever!

Do: Respect Others’ Personal Space 🌟

When attending a concert, there is some common courtesy to bear in mind. When standing in the crowd, make sure to give others enough personal space so that everyone can enjoy the show comfortably. Avoid pushing, shoving, or invading others’ personal space. You’re there to enjoy the music, dance, and have fun, not to intimidate other concertgoers. So, please respect people’s boundaries, and keep your body to yourself. A little bit of consideration goes a long way in making everyone’s experience more enjoyable.

A photo of a crowd at a concert with enough personal space between people

Don’t: Ignore the Opening Act 🎤

The opening acts are an essential part of the concert experience. They set the tone for the night, and it takes a lot of courage to perform in front of a big crowd. So, don’t be that person who arrives late and ignores the opening act. A little bit of respect for the opening act performers can go a long way. Who knows? Maybe you’ll discover a new favorite artist by giving them a chance.

A photo of the opening act performing on stage

Do: Keep Your Phone Away 📵

It’s tempting to use your phone to capture photos or videos to document your experience and share it with friends on social media. But, constantly holding up your phone during the concert can be distracting and annoying to other concertgoers. Additionally, you’re likely to miss the real experience with your eyes glued to the screen. So, keep your phone in your pocket and immerse yourself in the moment. Remember, the best way to celebrate the concert is being present and in the moment.

A photo of a crowd immersed in the concert experience without their phones

Don’t: Block Others’ View 🚫

There’s nothing worse than spending your hard-earned money on a concert ticket, only to have your view blocked by someone taller standing in front of you. If you’re tall, consider standing further back or to the side, so you don’t block others’ view. If you’re not so tall, try to find an open space or a spot at the front. If you’re sitting on your seat, avoid leaning forward or standing up that blocks the view for people sitting at the back. Remember, everyone deserves a great view of their favorite artist, so be mindful of others around you.

A photo demonstrating how blocking others' view can be frustrating for those in the back

Do: Follow the Venue’s Rules 🎫

The venue has rules and regulations that all concertgoers must follow for the safety and well-being of everyone there. These rules can vary, such as no smoking, no outside food or drinks, or no re-entry if you leave the room. So, make sure you familiarize yourself with the venue’s guidelines before attending the concert. Following them can help avoid any disruptions during the show, and it’s also a way of showing respect to the concert organizers who made the event possible.

A photo of venue rules posted at the entrance of the concert

Don’t: Forget to Thank and Applaud 🙏

Finally, don’t forget to thank and applaud the performer at the end of the show. A concert is a two-way thing - the artists putting their heart and soul out, and the audience giving energy in return. So, give them the recognition they deserve by shouting, clapping, or cheering them on. It’s also an opportunity to show gratitude for the excellent performance and a way of showing that you enjoyed the night. Who knows, perhaps your enthusiasm will encourage them to go on tour again soon.

A photo of the audience applauding the performers on stage

That’s it, folks! Our dos and don’t of fan etiquette at tour stops. Remember, the ultimate goal of attending a concert is to enjoy the music and create unforgettable moments. So, let’s make sure we enjoy the experience while being considerate of others. Do you have any other fan etiquette tips to share? Let us know in the comments below. Happy concert going! 🎉🤘🎤

A photo of a concert full of happy fans celebrating the music